Comfort Winair
60 Cohoes Ave
Green Island, NY. 12183

Store Hours
7:00-4:30 M-F
Showroom Hours
8:00-4:30 M-F
Need Assistance? Call:
(518) 272-2022
"WinWholesale helps me run a better business. Knowing that I can turn to Win for problem-solving expertise and the best products at a fair price means more results with less effort."

Local Ownership, Local Decision Making,
National Buying Power

Located in Green Island, NY, Comfort Winair is a full-service supplier of high quality HVAC equipment, plumbing supplies and related building materials to the professional trades. We are a locally owned and independently operated branch of WinWholesale.  

We understand the vital importance of getting the materials you need -- on time -- in the heat of the battle. From everyday basics to supplying the largest of projects, Comfort Winair strives to excel where other wholesalers fall short. 

Why do business with Comfort Winair:

  • Local ownership means local decision-making.  Our independence allows us to cut our own deals -- for you.
  • Consistent, competitive pricing.
  • Free jobsite deliveries -- on your schedule.
  • Never a re-stocking fee (You be the contractor, we'll be the warehouse.)
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